The great advantage of being “Au Pair” is to fund a long stay abroad without much cost, which is different from a trip around the world. You will dive into the life of the host country and live new experiences, such as observing the lifestyle of its people, cultures, traditions, and hospitality. You will learn about their culture and in exchange leave a little of your own countries customs behind. 

One drawback from the regular “Au Pair” set up is that while working for the family you almost always have to live with them. As a member of their house you have to follow their rules and regulations which might leave you feeling a little restricted. Your “time off” may not feel as such, because the children are still in your home and so they will undoubtedly remain somewhat in your care, meaning you work many more hours than expected. This is the great advantage of Live Out Pair! You’ll spend time with a family, enjoy the children, their culture … .but you’ll have your own independence. Your free hours will be yours to enjoy yourself one hundred percent , with freedom to organize your time, go meet new friends,  and sightseeing etc. 

live-out-pair-girls-homelive-out-pair-valencia-cityNot forgetting of course that you can enjoy the city of Valencia! Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and is located on the Mediterranean coast. It has an extensive network of public transports that connect the city center and the beach within minutes. It is the ideal place to live both in winter and in summer; the winters are warm and in spring temperatures rise and you can enjoy the beach again. We also have beautiful monuments such as the City of Arts and Sciences, and the old town is absolutely beautiful.

live-out-pair-valencia-beach“Las Fallas” is a very traditional Valencian festival that takes place in early spring, and is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity if decide to come to Spain and enjoy it with us. Last but not least the city is famous for its very Mediterranean diet: Paella was invented in Valencia, so you have to come and try our famous Paella Valenciana!


About Us
LIVE OUT PAIR was born to ensure that families like you, who like to have an Au Pair and can't accommodation for her or want to keep your privacy as a family. Having an " Au Pair " and will not be privileged few ... everyone can have a LIVE OUT PAIR.
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If you are interested in being part of Live Out Pair Valencia, just contact us and enjoy the experience.

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